Speed Internet Services (Speednet Communications Pty Ltd).
Speednet was selected as one of the Top Best 50 ISPs in Australia. This was compiled by The Sydney Morning Herald on the 21st July 2001 editorial. By Maria Nguyen and Kim Davies.

Australian Owned
Australian owned based in Sydney, Australia, Speed Internet Services has been operating since 1995 as a successful fixed-price Internet Service Provider. Speednet Communications Pty Ltd trading as Speed Internet Services is a successful all round Communications Company servicing and supporting it’s customers and Welcomes new customers. Go with Speed!

Speed and Access
Unlike other ISP's who rely on one Internet Provider via land lines, Speednet offers DIRECT connection to the Internet via several Internet Backbone Providers ensuring access to the Internet whenever you surf. In addition, Speednet has a primary and secondary redundancy link directly to our Backbone providers. We offer a variety of access plans that let you connect to us at rates of up to 2 megs. We guarantee our user-to-modem ratio to be 8:1 or lower, which assures you connection each time you dial into our service.

Each Speednet account has 10 megabytes of disk storage for a personal web site and 10 megabytes for electronic mail, with more available if required. Our “Check your usage shows you how much data you have transferred, call your history, tax invoices and web mail. Also, there are no session limits.

Free Telephone Support
You can turn to us for free easy-to-understand advice and support. Our professional support team will provide helpful solutions using language you can understand. Plus, we have an extensive support section on our website.

The Speednet network is directly connected to the Internet via several providers with primary and secondary routing. If one of our providers is off the air, our systems automatically switch to the next fastest carrier. This means a reliable consistent connection. Our infrastructure is composed of the highest quality components and peripherals and is continually upgraded according to our scheduled maintenance. All our servers are directly connected to an un-interruptible power supply to protect against abnormal electrical conditions like spikes and brown-outs. Additionally, all data is regularly backed up on tape and hard drive. This allows us to have piece of mind and duty of care.


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