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·        Messianic times as described by Isaiah and Micah: Total harmony between humans and God, humans among each other and humans and nature

·        Turn weapons into instruments of peace (quote swords into plowshares…)

·        Passage ends: Every person shall sit under their wine and under their fig tree and none shall make them afraid.

·        We are being made to be afraid: I am afraid of wars in some parts of the world, violence in the streets, terrorism around the globe, natural disasters….

·        I am also afraid when Governments bring in unjust laws to fight injustice, breach principles of freedom to fight violence, enact laws which are against civil rights to protect us from terrorism.

·        All religions are different and should be respected for their individual expressions of worship and spirituality(don’t like the word tolerance…)

·        But all religions also have at fundamentally the goals to pursue and achieve peace.

·        We need to find the common ground to understand and work on shared values and work towards peace together.

·        We need to marginalize all extremists whether in our religious communities or in our social and political life.

·        Need join forces to defeat that and those who make us afraid.

·        This event-great beginning.